TEI-Specific tools

Tools for creating and editing TEI XML

Thijs van den Broek's study of XML editors was published as an AHDS Information paper in May 2005, and is available from http://ahds.ac.uk/creating/information-papers/xml-editors/.

TEI-Emacs is a re-packaging of several widely used open source software tools for GNU emacs together with TEI schemas and stylesheets which provides a single all-singing all-dancing TEI Editing Environment. Development versions are available from the TEI Sourceforge site. We maintain solutions for Microsoft Windows and for any Linux system capable of dealing with an RPM or a .deb installer. Further details are available here.

oXygen is a low-price general-purpose XML editor, available for Mac, PC, and Linux. It comes pre-loaded with the TEI DTDs and Sebastian Rahtz's TEI Stylesheet library, ready to work out of the box. Instructions for using Oxygen with P5 schemas and DTDs are available here.

Markus Hoenicka's RefDB, a powerful reference manager and bibliography tool for markup languages, also supports TEI XML ‘out of the box’: for details see the RefDB homepage, where you will also find an extensive manual, a short tutorial for new users, and a few example documents.

OpenOffice (http://www.openoffice.org/) is able to import and export arbitrary XML in version 1.1 onwards, if provided with XSLT stylesheets to describe the transformation. Sebastian Rahtz has provided a simple set of stylesheets and templates to let TEI XML and Open Office work together, in the TEI OO package.

Simon Frank has produced a utility for converting well-structured Microsoft Word documents into TEI XML: details are available at http://www.frank-it-beratung.de/doc2xml/english.html (a detailed tutorial is included on the same site).

Pim van der Eike has produced a customization of Adobe's Framemaker publishing system for TEI Lite: details are available at http://www.sonnenglanz.net/fmtei.html.

Softquad's XMetal can be customized to support specific TEI dtds. Here is an example customization produced as part of the MASTER project.


The P4 TEI DTD fragments contain the formal expression of the TEI encoding scheme as an XML document type declaration.

The TEI Pizza Chef allows you to build your own personalized view of the TEI document type definition -- in SGML or XML.

maketeidtd is a perl script offering the same functionality from the command line.

carthage is Michael Sperberg-McQueen's DTD pre-processor used by both the above

TEI Schema Tools

At TEI P5, the TEI markup is expressed in Relax NG schema and W3C schema as well as in DTD language. Background information and links about TEI P5 are available here.

Roma is a new web-based application which allows you to generate P5-compatible schemas and documentation. Its source is available from the TEI Sourceforge site.

Tools for transforming, formatting, and publishing TEI documents

XSL Stylesheets for TEI XML: a customizable suite of XSLT stylesheets for formatting TEI documents. Outputs in HTML or PDF. Comes with an easy form-filling interface . We are collecting other material in this area (see here, and welcome additions.

PassiveTex is a generic processor for XML FOs, using TeX as a backend, which includes several TEI customizations.

Anastasia is an XML/SGML publishing system designed for large and complex document collections. It has particular strength in handling 'virtual' document hierarchies, such as those delineated by column or page breaks. There is a tutorial showing how it may be used to publish a TEI document.

teiPublisher is a suite of administrative tools aiming to help repository managers with limited technical knowledge manage collections of TEI documents. Building on the native XML database eXist and a text engine search library Lucene, the application provides a range of administrative functions crucial to maintaining a web-accessible digital repository.

PhiloLogic is a full-text search, retrieval and analysis tool developed by the ARTFL Project and the Digital Library Development Center (DLDC) at the University of Chicago. Its Free Software implementation provides facilities for searching large TEI-Lite document collections.

Xaira (XML-Aware Indexing and Retrieval Architecture) provides complex text searching facilities for large collections of XML documents, in particular language corpora.

The Versioning Machine is an editorial and publishing system for creating electronic editions of texts which exist in multiple versions. The environment also provides for annotation, introductory material, and the ability to compare diplomatic and image-based witnesses side by side. Designed by a team at Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, version 2.0 is currently available.

Open SP version 1.5 has been customized by Jessika Hekman to include a version of osx which greatly simplifies conversion of TEI documents from SGML to XML. See further information at the Migration WorkGroup Tools page

tei2dc is a simple XSLT stylesheet for extracting Dublin Core OAI metadata from a conformant TEI Header, written by Jiann-Ming SU at Emory University. (Here is a local copy, taken 12 March 2003.)

tei2latex is a Perl library for converting TEI documents to LaTeX written by Jean-Daniel Fekete in 1997-8. You can download it from the Labo de Recherche en Informatique ftp site, or from our local copy

TEITools, by Boris Tobotras: a suite of tools supporting a range of document management tasks, including conversion to HTML, RTF, PDF etc. Instructions are available in English and Russian.

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